Will joined us in August 2018 in East Yorkshire for his very first archaeological dig. Will had just finished his A-levels, and he had been given a conditional offer to study Ancient History at a university in Manchester.

Will first became interested in Archaeology aged just 5 or 6 due to his family’s fascination with archaeology and the history of their local area. They took Will to see a dig at Arram where he had his first small taste of investigating history, leading him to share in the family’s passion, and he was fascinated by ancient history of all kinds ever since. He joined his local archaeology society, and found out about DigVentures’ excavation in East Yorkshire through them.

The third day of his dig with us in East Yorkshire fell on A-level results day, the whole team was overjoyed for Will when he announced that he’d excelled in his exams and had achieved significantly higher results than he had expected.

A couple of calls later, and he had secured a place at the University of Manchester, and there was an additional surprise too – he’d enjoyed the dig so much that he’d decided to go for a joint honours degree in Ancient History AND Archaeology.

Will credits the dig in East Yorkshire for sparking his decision to study archaeology as well: ‘One of my favourite parts of the dig was simply realising how much I enjoyed archaeology, before I hadn’t really considered it being for me let alone for me to take it at university, but being part of it, learning all the techniques and getting assigned my own area to excavate, although not finding a burial like we hoped, made it easy for me to see what I missed. I did get some interesting finds too which made it all the more exciting like some roman pottery and flints.’

Will has some advice for other young people considering archaeology, he says, ‘To any other young people like me who maybe hadn’t considered archaeology or are maybe unsure, I would say attend a dig like the kind that DigVentures provide, where you can get to know the basics and get a feel of a proper archaeological dig to see how exciting it is and if it is for you, if you don’t you could miss out on a massive opportunity and I’m glad took part.’

Looking to the future, Will says he would love to get the opportunity to excavate again, perhaps even abroad. He’d love to excavate in the Mediterranean, particularly at a Minoan site. He’s also particularly fascinated by Mesopotamia, and has recently been learning about underwater archaeology at university, which has captivated his imagination even further and is something he would love to pursue in the future.