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Under the Uplands

Exploring the archaeology deep inside Yorkshire’s caves

Yorkshire's Hidden Archaeology

The Yorkshire Dales is an archaeologically rich landscape, studded with Roman military bases, Iron Age enclosures and Neolithic and Bronze Age burial mounds. But it also has a fascinating secret.

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Welcome To Victoria Cave

From offerings left by a Romano-British cave cult, to Ice Age elephants and the first humans to reach northern Britain after the last glaciation, Victoria Cave has produced some incredible artefacts.

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Building a Virtual Museum

Scattered across different museums and private collections, the highlights of Victoria Cave have now been digitally reunited in this Virtual Museum.

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Take a Look Inside

It’s one thing being able to see the artefacts, but what about where they were found? Now you can take a look inside Victoria Cave and see exactly where they came from.

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The Landscape

The landscape around Victoria Cave can give us more insight into the lives of the prehistoric hunter-gatherers, Roman soldiers and medieval shepherds who have used it through the ages.

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Continuing The Search At Ben Scar Cave

Every piece of evidence counts when it comes to understanding how prehistoric hunters and Romano-British people used Yorkshire’s caves. What did crowdfunded excavations at neighbouring Ben Scar Cave reveal?

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What To Do if You Find Something

If you spend any time exploring Yorkshire’s caves, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll stumble across some archaeology. Here’s what to do if you find something in a cave.

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Thanks To Everyone Who Took Part!

Archaeologists, researchers and Yorkshire’s well-established caving community united with the public to bring the region’s distinctive cave archaeology to national attention.

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