Dig, Grow, Build!

Saturday 1st September 2018, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

(PLEASE NOTE: Due to the terrible weather, this event has been re-scheduled and will now be taking place on Saturday 1st September, instead of Sunday 12th August as originally advertised).

West Northwood Farm

St Neot

PL14 6QN

Check Plan A Visit for info on getting here.

Archaeology is one way to learn about ancient life on Bodmin Moor, but there are plenty of others too! Arranged by Nick, Jenny (owners of West Northwood Farm) and the St Neot Local Historians, we’re co-hosting an open day for everyone in the area to come and learn about Cornwall’s impressive Bronze Age history.

– ARCHAEOLOGY: Get a guided tour of the excavated village, and see exactly what’s been found.

– YOUR FINDS AND OURS: Bring your finds from home and enjoy an expert opinion from Anna Tyacke , Finds Officer from the Royal Cornwall Museum.

– BRONZE CASTING: Neil Burridge is a specialist in reproducing bronze artefacts using traditional materials and methods. This year, he’ll be casting a scythe to allow us to harvest our grain. Demonstrations at 11.15am and 2.30pm

– SCYTHING: Ele Waters, from Pentiddy, Pensilva, will demonstrate this ancient craft and invite you to have a go.
Demonstrations on the hour from 11.00am.

– IRON AGE COOKING: Jacqui Woods is an Experimental Archaeologist, an international lecturer and author. She’ll be cooking up food from the Iron Age using some of our homegrown grains. From 11.30 am.

– BUILD A ROUNDHOUSE: Join with Young Farmers and have a go at building a roundhouse grain store. Up on the dig site – all day.

– POT FIRING: Renowned potter Jenni Hale has been working with diggers both very young and much older in
making pinch pots. She will be firing them in an open air kiln which will fire up at 10.00am and will be revealed at 4.30. pm.

– POETRY READINGS AND IMAGES: Listen to the words that have been inspired by this site from local authors and poets and see what has been painted by our volunteers. From 3:00 pm.

– DIGGING: Areas have been set aside for free digging. Look for signs of ancient life and see what you can find. IT IS

Little Open Day

Sunday 5th August, 12:00 am – 4:00 pm

Come and visit the dig at West Northwood Farm to see the archaeologists at work, and browse the discoveries to far. There’ll be tours at 12:00 am and 2:00 pm, but you’re welcome to just show up and just have a look around from 12:00 – 4:00 pm.