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Torc Necklace

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Torc Necklace
Torc Necklace closeup
Torc Necklace
Torc necklace - closeup

EXCLUSIVE! The DigVentures and Tatty Devine Hoard Necklaces

Everyone at DigVentures loves archaeology, and we know there’s millions of other people who do too. So why is it so impossible to find really good gifts for fashion-forward archaeology lovers?

After too many years of birthday books and trowels under the Christmas tree, we decided it was time for a solution. Along with our BFFs at uber-cool Tatty Devine, the DV&TD Hoard Necklace was born. This collection blends impeccable style with iconic artefacts in a fashionable expression of passion for all things archaeological. Each charm represents a key moment in time, and we hope it will be a wearable reminder of our shared history.

Each charm was selected to represent a key point in human history that we can see in the archaeological record. The hands are taken from the dawn of Palaeolithic cave art, when humans began to express their distinctiveness; the flint arrowhead is inspired by prehistoric examples in the UK and represents the process of innovation and evolution of technology; the torc is based on the progression of personal adornment and displays of wealth in the Bronze and Iron Ages; the vase hearkens back to classical Rome and Greece and the increasing complexity of civilisation; the helmet represents the great population upheavals and redistribution of power that formed the boundaries of the modern world as we know it; and the wax seal finishes the story with a reminder of how we continue as a species to express our identity and individuality.

Our torc was inspired by many stunning examples from Britain, Ireland and the Continent.

Even better, the Hoard Necklaces are a DigVentures EXCLUSIVE. You can’t get them anywhere else! So wearing one means you’ve got impeccable taste – and, you’re someone who supports great archaeological research and helps others find out what people were really doing hundreds or thousands of years ago.

Don’t forget to get your shine on and share your Tatty treasures with the hashtags #DVgoodies and #MyTattyDevine. We can’t wait to see your happy smiling faces!

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When will I get my necklace?

We’ll pop it in the post within a few days of your order.

And remember; buying this necklace supports great archaeology – every penny funds a real excavation!

How should I wear my necklace?


Remember that every penny from this necklace goes towards making great archaeology happen.

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Torc Necklace


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