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Our special edition, deluxe archaeology team t-shirts are famous for making a statement. Get one, and tell the world you’re supporting great archaeology!

At DigVentures, we pride ourselves on being top class archaeologists. We also pride ourselves on having the BEST archaeology team t-shirts in the field.

Each year, we devise a new set of special edition t-shirts – they’re a little bit more pricey than our standard, kermit-green ‘It’s Ritual’ t-shirts, but that’s because the money from each one goes directly into the crowdfunding pot for one of our archaeological excavations – and you get to pick which one!

That’s right. Get one of our special edition t-shirts, and you’re not just buying a piece of clothing – you’re buying into the idea of people-powered archaeology and helping to make a much-needed research excavation actually happen!

Along with the t-shirt, you’ll also get email alerts when there’s an update from the crowdfunding project you’ve chosen, and get a personal thank you in the official excavation report.

In short, wearing a DigVentures special edition t-shirt signals that you are a true archaeology-lover. A geek. An adventurer. Someone who learns from the past so that they can understand the present. Most of all, you’re someone who supports great archaeological research and helps others find out what people were REALLY doing hundreds or thousands of years ago.

This year, our crowdfunders will be wearing Pardon My Trench (orange), Eat Sleep Dig Repeat (blue), It’s Ritual (army green), or LibertĂ© EgalitĂ© ArchaeologĂ© (red).

Pick your size, pick the project you want to support, and we’ll send you one of our special edition team t-shirts… but shhh… we’re not going to tell you exactly which one – we like it to be a surprise!

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