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Archaeologist’s Coffee

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The most important thing in an archaeologist’s toolbox is… a proper bag of coffee!

DigVentures archaeologists have spent the last three summers excavating on Holy Island, searching for traces of the Anglo-Saxon monastery that was so famously attacked by the Vikings in AD 793. Over the years, we’ve made many important discoveries, including beautiful stone carvings, delicate bone combs, coins depicting fantastical beasts, and… the PERFECT BLEND OF COFFEE.

Roasted ON LINDISFARNE in a tiny yurt just 500m from the excavation site, this stuff is the Holy Grail of coffee: it wakes up the sleepiest digger, puts a shine on the rustiest of trowels, and an extra tingle of excitement in all our discoveries.

And now, our friends at Pilgrims Coffee have bagged our favourite blend so that we never have to dig without it again… and neither do you!

Blend: dark brown silty brew with minimal inclusions

Taste: 100% archaeological (guaranteed to help you achieve section perfection)

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