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Do you love travelling and seeing new things? Do you like to get to know places for real, beyond the superficial tourist attractions? Would you like to contribute to a fantastic community-led project?

Most of all: have you always wanted to try archaeology? Now is your chance!

If you want to get involved in a rural community in Galicia (northwest Spain) through archaeology, we’ve prepared an outstanding experience that is certain to satisfy your curiosity, lust for adventure, and desire to do some amazing archaeology. Costa dos Castros, located on the south coast of Galicia, is an international cross-disciplinary project involving four archaeological sites, currently being studied by researchers of the European project NEARCH as an example of innovative ways to do archaeology.

(Click here to see last year’s finds and photos)

Tell me how this is helping the local area

This project is about much more than archaeology – it´s also supporting rural development, landscape management and sustainable tourism. Costa dos Castros is a community-led project, with local residents taking the lead on promoting the project through a Galician organisation called the Comunidades de Monte: forestry cooperatives constituted by local residents who own and manage the forest collectively, investing the profits in the community. The Comunidades have been working on this project for a few years, but now they need our help to make it grow. Together we can boost the economy of a rural community and create future employment for young people.

Tell me more about the archaeology

Research has been going on since 2011 in some of the areas of Costa dos Castros. This year, DigVentures has the exclusive opportunity to help dig the Chavella site, as part of the first team ever to investigate this massive Iron Age hill fort. Looking at the results from the neighbouring hill forts, such as Castro A Cabeciña, which have churned out some amazing finds (link to photos), we’re expecting some tremendously exciting archaeology! And of course, we’ll be using Digital Dig Team to record all the archaeology – so it will be available for everyone to see as soon as it comes out of the trenches! We’ll be laying the groundwork to bring out our Venturers in 2016 – so stay tuned!

Join the team

DigVentures are travelling to Spain in October 2015 to dig at Chavella Iron Age hill fort as part of the Anglo-Galician archaeological team. One of the three hill forts of the Costa dos Castros complex, Chavella has privileged views which would have given excellent defensive advantage in controlling the coast. Surveys and smaller excavations have been conducted in other areas of the complex, but this will be the first time that an archaeological team has gotten down and dirty on Chavella. We can’t wait to work alongside the Spanish archaeologists and learn more about this gorgeous and significant place. Will this hill fort prove ancient trade relationships between the Mediterranean and Atlantic, similar to the evidence from neighboring hill forts? Will we be able to confirm a possible re-occupation in medieval times with a huge tower to defend the coast, as suggested in medieval documents? Will Chavella turn up as many incredible objects and pottery as the neighboring fort of A Cabeciña? The only way to answer these questions is to roll up our sleeves and get in the trenches!

What’s it like to join the field team?

Working with DV and the Spanish team will be an experience you will never forget! You’ll live in a lovely, authentic Spanish B & B along with the Anglo-Galician archaeological team, and everyday life will also be side-by-side with the locals. In their vibrant company, there will be no shortage of unexpected situations, improvised parties or activities, hilarious conversations and cross-cultural communication. Gastronomy will also be an important part of the experience. You´ll try local products from the sea and land, including tasty fish, the famous Spanish chorizo, and home grown vegetables. This is the best site food we have ever tasted in our careers as archaeologists – forget the digging, it’s worth coming just for meal times alone! And of course, the archaeology! Just like all of our other DigVentures sites, you’ll be part of the team, and we’ll teach you everything you need to know in order to pitch in as a digger, as well as more specialist skills such as GPR, photogrammetry, and how to use the Digital Dig Team recording system.

How do I take part?

You can support the project as part of our armchair archaeology army from the comfort of your own home or join our team in the field. The more you contribute, the bigger your reward and the more involved you can become. Don’t miss your chance to be part of the project for the very beginning – join the team now!

We could not be more excited to begin work in such a beautiful place, with fantastic Spanish colleagues and for such a great cause. See you there!

For more details and specifics, please click on the FAQs tab above the video, write to us at, or call +44 033 011 3990

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