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TAG 2015

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About the Project

Anyone who has ever been to an archaeology conference knows the levels of steely concentration, superhuman stamina, and finely honed decision-making skills needed to survive: should I go to the Wetlands session, or check out Ancient Tech? Parker Pearson or Barrett? Community Archaeology or Open Data?

Year after year it happens – the only two papers you REALLY REALLY want to hear go head to head, and you have to pick one. Don’t forget trying to make the first papers in the morning after the (in)famous TAG party.

And that’s just the scenario if you’ve been able to get the time off work, afford the registration fees, membership fees and other sundries associated with archaeology conferences. With costs for these events skyrocketing past modest archaeological wages, many archaeologists have to forgo the conference experience, missing out on the chance to stay abreast of the latest research in the sector as well as the opportunity to buy a few pints for their fellow archaeologists. Or, you might not be an archaeologist, but still want to hear about up-to-the-minute research.

Chances are one of these scenarios has happened to you – whether it’s a session conflict, lack of dosh, no time off work or dates conflicting with something else, or you’re an enthusiast without access to these professional events. What ever can be done?

My team and I want to help everyone who might suffer these problems by filming as many of the talks at this year’s TAG conference in Bradford as we can. With my recordings, released Open Access after the conference, you’ll never have to miss a session again! You too can sip tea in the site hut and join in the conversation when papers from TAG are discussed, and be ‘in the know’ with all the latest theories, conversations and arguments setting the archaeological world on fire with the Archaeology Conference Survival Kit. It’s just like being there – without the hangover!

But we need your help to make it happen – we need YOU to help us make the Archaeology Conference Survival Kit happen! We’re crowdfunding to send our team to Bradford to record as many of the sessions as we can. You can check out some of my previous work – I know exactly what to do to ensure a great, informational and useful recording.

Please support our campaign – so archaeologists will never have to needlessly suffer again!

For more details and specifics, please click on the FAQs tab above the video, write to Doug Rocks-MacQueen, or call +44 033 011 3990 Landward Research Ltd. will be providing all of the video equipment- camcorders, tripods, etc. for free. Any excess funds will be used to film other archaeological conferences.

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