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Because we’re crazy, DV has accepted the challenge of launching an archaeology festival on a tiny island in the North Sea that’s cut off from land twice per day! Why not, right?

Join us from 22nd – 23rd September 2018 on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne for Team DV’s first-ever archaeology festival. Can’t make it to Lindisfarne? Never fear! We’re hosting everything online via the DigNation ‘Virtual Festival’ for audiences around the world

And the best bit? You can stay snug as a bug in rug tucked up at home in your jim-jams, watching us get drenched and blown sideways by the British ‘summer’ weather!

DigNation’s inaugural event is themed as ‘Dig for Mick’, and is planned as a celebration of the legacy of archaeologist and Time Team presenter Professor Mick Aston. Sir Tony Robinson, Mick’s co-host and lifelong friend, and the Patron of DigVentures’ Advisory Board, has helped to create the festival.

Tony wanted to host an event inspired by Mick’s mission to increase public understanding of archaeology and enable wider participation in the field, as well as recognise how the legacy of his work can be seen across academic, professional and public archaeology. And, of course, to make it as much fun as possible, because Mick loved a party!

That’s why we’ve launched the Virtual Festival for DigNation: we’ll be live streaming all of the lectures, hosted by Sir Tony Robinson, and will be making each available as a downloadable podcast. There will also be live updates from the trenches and the lab, exclusive interviews with speakers, specially curated podcasts and video footage – just for you!

Click here for more information about the Festival, and where you’ll be able to see us *live* during the weekend across social media channels

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