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DigNation T-shirt (straight-cut)

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This is the ORIGINAL DigNation Festival t-shirt. Wearing it signals that you’re a true archaeology-lover, someone who still watches Time Team on repeat, someone who knows what geophysics is, someone who was there at the start of something BIG: when DigVentures and Tony Robinson launched DigNation – the world’s first archaeology festival in honour of Mick Aston, the beloved archaeologist who championed ‘archaeology for the people’.

The original DigNation logo is based on a real sample of colours from the famous stripey jumper worn by Mick Aston in many of his Time Team appearances, and will be instantly recogniseable to anyone who shares Mick’s firmly held belief that archaeology can be enjoyed by all.

Wear it up a mountain. Wear it down the pub. Wear it on a dig. Wear it to a party. Wear it in. Wear it out. Wear it with heels. Wear it with mud-covered boots. Wear it with whatever you want, but wherever you wear it, wear it with PRIDE!


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DigNation T-shirt (straight-cut)


Straight-cut DigNation souvenir t-shirt


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