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Chocolate Artefact

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Chocolate Artefact
Chocolate Artefact
Chocolate Artefact
Chocolate Artefact

This Anglo-Saxon namestone is so good we got it cast in chocolate.

This chocolate artefact is cast from an Anglo-Saxon namestone, or grave marker, and is known around DVHQ as the NomNomNom Stone, obviously! Found during our first crowdfunded archaeological excavation on Lindisfarne in 2016, it was originally carved around 1,200 years ago, between AD 700-900, it bears the name of a real Anglo-Saxon person, Ythfrith. Only 14 of this type have ever been found, making each one a rare and unique object.

For our replicas, we decided the best, most authentic looking material for our 3D model would be: chocolate. Similar in weight and colour to the original, it will also enable the discerning archaeology-lover to spend ages pondering the following question: is this delightful gift an authentic, lovingly-made replica of one of the rarest Anglo-Saxon artefacts out there? Or is it just a  whacking great slab of chocolate?

Ultimately, they’re going to have real trouble choosing whether to eat it or exhibit it, and you get to have fun watching them decide.

Packaging includes detailed notes from our archaeologists on the original artefact. Suggestions on how best to eat it can be found in the FAQs below.

We worked with the super amazing and talented Edible Museum to make our NomNom Stone – its not just chocolate, it’s art!

Additional information

Should I eat it?

Oh my god YES! The question is, how?

Our archaeologists tried a few different methods including: nibbling the edges, licking it, using a knife and fork, and slowly melting it under the grill.

Let us know which method you tried, and which one tasted best!

Should I exhibit it?

Oh my god, YES! The questions is for how long?

Like all delicious things, our chocolate namestones do have a use-by date. We recommend exhibiting yours for long enough to appreciate its beauty, but well before its too late to appreciate its taste.

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