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Key Dates

Milestones in the archaeology and history of Oldbury Camp

19th June - 2nd July 2017

Oldbury Camp Excavation!

We've got two weeks to find out exactly what happened at Oldbury Camp. How old is it? Do any Iron Age remains survive? And what exactly happened here in the past?

5th - 7th November 2016

Dirty Weekend at Oldbury Camp

It's time for Oldbury Camp's first archaeological biopsy! 30 archaeology-lovers helped us dig 10 test pits in one weekend, to establish what survives and where, ahead of a two week excavation in 2017!

Modern Excavations (1978-1979)

Archaeologists Find Iron Age Pottery

Archaeologists started investigating Oldbury Camp. They dug a section through the fort's inner bank, and one of the ditches, where they found some Iron Age pottery.

Medieval Period (AD 410-1540)

Ridge and Furrow

There is plenty of evidence that medieval people were using the hillfort and its environs, as ridge and furrow marks are clearly visible across much of the site. There are also sea defences in the area, which may be medieval or later.

Roman Period (AD 72 - 410)

Roman Coins & Metal-Working

Some Roman coins were found within the ramparts of the fort (South Gloucestershire SMR 1568). There's also some evidence of Romano-British metal-working in the near vicinity, and plenty of other finds in the estuarine clays to the north east of Oldbury Camp.

Iron Age Period (up to AD 72)

Occupation of Oldbury Camp

In 1978 and 1979, archaeologists dug two sections through the inner bank of the fort and part of the ditch with Iron Age pottery being recovered from the ditch.

Prehistoric Period (up to 1200 BC)

Stone Tools and Bronze Age Finds

Archaeological investigations in the area surrounding Oldbury Camp and the intertidal zone have found Mesolithic and Bronze Age remains.

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