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Finds at Lindisfarne

  • Anglo Saxon 9th century coin

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Registered Find Basics


    • The coin we have found was issued by the Northumbrian king, Aethelred II, who ruled in the mid-9th century. He is not to be confused with the more famous Aethelred II (better known as ‘the Unready’). Very little is known about our Northumbrian Aethelred, there are very few records that give us an insight into the history of 9th century Northumbria, and those are late in date. It seems though that he probably succeeded Eanred as king and was most active c. 854-62. He seems to have been deposed as king by Raedwulf, who himself died fighting against the Vikings. The removal of Raedwulf allowed Aethelred to return to power, but he was killed not many years later. Thie coin is of a type known as a styca, a small copper alloy coin containing a little silver. They were first produced by Eanred, and seem to have been produced in large numbers in York. The men responsible for minting the coins were recorded on the coins; in this case, our coin carries the name Fordred, who was probably based in York.
      • David Petts
    • 9-9-2018

3-D Models


  • 1 fragment, 2g. Diameter - Thickness -

From Context

  • Context: LDF_2057
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    • Sub soil of trench 2 extension
    • Michael Eden
    • 8-9-2018