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Finds at Lindisfarne

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  • St. Cuthbert's bead fossil

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    • Carboniferous crinoid. Known colloquially as “St Cuthbert’s Beads” found commonly on the coast of the Holy Island. Probably first became associated with the cult of Saint Cuthbert in the 12th century AD (Lane and Ausich 2001). Despite local source probably arrived on site having been brought from beach. Ctxt 3003 (Subsoil cleaning layer). Lane, N., & Ausich, W. (2001). The Legend of St Cuthbert's Beads: A Palaeontological and Geological Perspective. Folklore, 112(1), 65-7
      • David Petts
    • 13-6-2019

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  • From sample 32. 1 fragment,

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  • Context: LDF_2029
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    • Fill of grave in the middle of the east trench
    • Hannah O'Toole
    • 21-7-2017