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Finds at Lindisfarne

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  • Fe fish hook: Partial. No barb surviving. D. of shank 4.5mm Length 34mm, Ctxt 3017 (layer over cobbled surface) Medieval

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    • There are three probably iron fish hooks, all from Trench 3 (dating mid-13th century AD or later). The large quantity of limpet shells from features in this area suggest that long-line fishing was taking place. Their condition is not good and in some case fragmentary. Allowing for this, the lengths of the shanks (24mm-49mm) reflect the main distribution of hook sizes found at Hartlepool and noticeably smaller than the published material from London and Great Yarmouth (Daniels 2010l, 162; Steane and Foreman 1991, 92).
      • David Petts
    • 3-5-2017

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  • 1 fragment, Length - 34mm Depth of shank - 4.5mm

From Context

  • Context: LDF_3017
    • file_image
    • Layer overlying cobbled surface
    • Xosé Gago
    • 19-6-2016