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Finds at Lindisfarne

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  • Sculptured Stone Fragment: Fragment of cross incised carved stone

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    • Fragment of cross incised carved stone. Incised image of shaft (of cross?) runs down centre of main face defined by parallel incised lines c.20mm apart. Possible small bulge on shaft. Flanked by two partial Latin crosslets (W. c.40mm; H. c.70mm). it is not easy to find parallels to this stone from amongst the existing repertoire of early medieval stone sculpture from Anglo-Saxon England or from Scotland; the difficulty in finding a good parallel is exacerbated by this stones fragmentary state. A group of upstanding crosses with subordinate crosses are known from the Rhinns of Galloway, including examples from Craignarget, Laggangarn, Larg Liddesdale and the Golgotha Stone from Whithorn (Craig 1992). This cluster has clear Northumbrian connections, with Whithorn becoming the centre of diocese by the early 8th century AD. From elsewhere in Scotland, a slab from Gleann na Gaoith’ (Islay, Argyll) has two crosslets flanking the extended top arm of an outline ring cross (Fisher 2001, 137, 356, Fig.37S), whilst another fragmentary cross, also from Islay, has a ringed cross with flanking crosslets within the ring. Finally, there are parallels with a group of stones from Inishmurray (O Carragain and O’Sullivan 2008, ***), although the Lindisfarne crosslets are not as expanded as these Irish examples. The larger examples are mainly associated with excavated leachta (dry stone built rectangular stone structures, associated with pilgrimage and possibly functioning as altars), and probably date to the 10th or 11th centuries AD, however, the smaller examples, similar in size to the Lindisfarne stone (e.g. 004.09) could be earlier. W. 170mm. H. 90mm. D.70mm Ctxt 2004 (Stone layer)
      • David Petts
    • 3-5-2017

3-D Models


  • Matched up with SF 103. 1 fragment, Width - 170mm Height - 90mm Depth - 70mm

From Context

  • Context: LDF_2004
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    • Fill of linear feature [2005]
    • Charles Cowper
    • 19-6-2016