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Finds at Lindisfarne

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  • Ship nail; Rove missing. Length 60.5mm. Shank width 15.5mm.

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    • Clench bolts function to join overlapping sections of timber, and most commonly used on clinker- built boats, although other uses are known. The nail is passed through the two sections of plank and then through a small iron plate (rove) and hammered over to produce a secure fastening. Given the coastal location of Holy Island and the presence of other material related to fishing, it is most likely that these relate to boats, although sections of boat strakes and planking were often re-used in secondary contexts. There is little that can be said about the type of boats being used, although the local coble tradition of beach-launched vessels used clinker construction. The plank widths range from c.28mm-36mm which allowing for additional thickness due to overlapping strakes seems broadly commensurate with probable boat planking recovered from fragments of 12th century boat-timbers re-used in a dock revetment in Hartlepool (Young 1987)
      • David Petts
    • 3-5-2017

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  • 1 fragment, Length - 60.5mm Shank width - 15.5mm

From Context

  • Context: LDF_3015
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    • Dump layer at the East of the trench
    • Roger Watson
    • 18-6-2016