The next step is to determine what, if anything, remains of the original Anglo-Saxon monastery. We’re recruiting a team to help us find out. No experience necessary!

The latest geophysical survey flagged up two possible locations; one to the east of the ruined priory church, and one to the west of the village in a field overlooking the mainland.

This new excavation plans to investigate some of these features in an effort to home in on what survives of Cuthbert’s monastery.

To the east of the ruined priory church, the geophysical survey showed traces of a possible stone building. Are these the remains of an early church or perhaps all that survives of a later medieval structure, or even part of an attempt to defend the monastery in the time of Henry VIII? We’re going to put a trench here to find out.

To the west of the village, and overlooking the mainland, the geophysical survey showed what looks like a monastic boundary; alongside what may be early industrial remains. So which is it? This is where we plan to place the second trench.

Excavating these two trenches couldn’t possibly be more exciting. Either one of them could yield the evidence that finally locates Cuthbert’s monastery, and this is where you come in…

This next phase of the project is going to require a team of supporters from all around the world, some of whom will join us in the field, and some of whom will support us from a distance. Either way, you’ll be a crucial member of the team who maybe, just maybe, helps to locate one of the most important sites in English history.

How do I sign up?

Pledge your support through the crowdfunding campaign and pick a benefit level to suit you. You’ll be able to select from a range of support levels from £10 for Digital Digger, right up to Weekly Warrior.

We expect places on the excavation team to fill up very quickly, so do keep your eye on the ball! And remember, everyone will be trained by DigVentures and learn the skills they need to become a fully-fledged member of the archaeological team.