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A Tale of Two Abbeys

Originally built in 1182, Leiston Abbey was dismantled and moved just 180 years later.
Here’s why we’re excavating both locations, old and new.

The Old Abbey

It was boggy, it was wet and it was where, in 1293, the Abbott was accused of behaving like a pirate.

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The New Abbey

Fed up, the priests of Leiston upped and left, taking their abbey with them. But why?

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The Archaeology So Far

The excavations at Leiston Abbey are part of a four-year project. What have we discovered so far, and what's next on the archaeological agenda?

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Who Were The Premonstratensians?

If the story of a dozen or so men living in an abbey sounds a bit boring, the lives of Leiston's inhabitants were anything but!

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Explore the Records

So you're intrigued by what Leiston's Premonstratensians left behind? Want to see the finds for yourself? Check out our brief guide to getting started

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Project Pioneers

Our crowdfunders not only got to dig in the trenches with us, they also pioneered Digital Dig Team - a unique digital recording app

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