UPDATE: Places on our first excavation at Jane Pit are all fully booked, but you can still use the form below to join the waiting list, or register your interest for future events.

DATE 12th-20th April 2018
TIME 09:30-17:00
WHERE Near Jane Pit (meeting location is confirmed by email)

Originally built in 1844, Jane Pit is a distinctive local landmark, and an icon of the town’s mining heritage. Not only is it built to look like a castle, it’s also one of the few pits that shows the evolution of horse to steam power.

In the long run, Workington Town Council wants to preserve Jane Pit, turning it into a monument that honours the miners whose labour shaped the town. But first, we need to find out how much of it survives below ground. And to do that, we need to excavate!

The first dig is taking place 12th – 20th April 2018. We’ll be looking for artefacts, traces of the workers’ cottages, and other evidence left behind by the miners. This event is FREE, and everyone who is joining us will get the chance to dig alongside our archaeologists – all you need to bring is a pair of sturdy boots, weather appropriate clothing and a packed lunch.