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Key Dates

Milestones in the story of Elmswell Farm

August 2018

DigVentures returns to Elmswell Farm!


August 2017

DigVentures arrives at Elmswell Farm

The Venturers arrive to carry out the first evaluation of the abandoned medieval village at Elmswell Farm.

April 2017

First crowdfunding campaign gets underway

DigVentures launches the first crowdfunding campaign to carry out an archaeological evaluation of the medieval village at Elmswell Farm.

December 2016

DigVentures Meets The Landowners

The first meeting with the owners of Elmswell Farm takes place. Everyone agrees there's some incredible archaeology on the site, and the farmers are really keen to find out more.

May 2016

Conversations with DigVentures begin

Rob and Paul are in touch with Stuart at the Portable Antiquities Scheme. Conversations about carrying out an archaeological investigation at Elmswell Farm begin.

December 2015

Rob and Paul first go metal detecting on Elmswell Farm

Rob and Paul begin detecting, and it's not long until they're starting to find some pretty remarkable things.

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