This season, we are doing a two-week excavation to further explore the Iron Age and Roman phases of Elmswell Farm. We will be strategically plotting two large trenches: one trench will cover the area where a remnant of an Iron Age Chariot was found, and the other will encompass the area where the hoard of Roman coins have been recovered. Hopefully, these huge finds will lead us to even bigger archaeology.

If we have time, we also hope to look at a paleochannel in a nearby field. A paleochannel is an old or ancient waterway that is no longer in use. If we can determine the age and previous course of the paleochannel, it might give us a bit more insight into when or why people came to Elmswell Farm, and perhaps when and why they left.

The East Riding Archaeological Society will also be on site with us this year. They will be breaking out the resistivity kit to do some geophysics on the tithe barn. If a bit of non-invasive archaeology is your thing, be sure to get involved.

In addition to doing photogrammetry of our finds and trenches and we will also be creating a 3D model of the Old Manor on the farm. And since we can’t get enough of beautiful aerial shots, we will be taking both aerial photography and video of Elmswell this season. Who knows what further archaeology might be revealed.