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Find out why we’re excavating in East Yorkshire, and how you can get involved

The Incredible Archaeology Of East Yorkshire

From Iron Age chariot burials, to square ‘round barrows’ and abandoned medieval villages, East Yorkshire is home to some truly surprising archaeology.

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How The Site Was Discovered

Cropmarks, aerial photos and an impressive series of metal detecting finds all point to a landscape full of archaeology.

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Going Back In Time

Our aim is to build up a timeline of life in the region through the ages, and each year we'll be digging further back into the past.

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Medieval Settlement

A large, abandoned medieval village sits at the heart of the site. From the air, you can see its crofts, tofts and holloways.

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Anglo-Saxon Connections

If there’s an Anglo-Saxon palace down the road, and a church linked with King Aldfrith nearby, what will we find?

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Roman Settlement

The Roman discoveries have been coming in thick and fast, hinting at the presence of a substantial Roman settlement, and more!

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Iron Age Settlement

East Yorkshire is home to some impressive Iron Age archaeology, from chariot burials to square barrows. And they left their mark here too...

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How Far Back Can We Go?

There’s even older evidence going all the way back to the Bronze Age, and even the Mesolithic. One day, you could help us excavate it.

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Get Involved

This year, we’ll be focusing on the Iron Age and Roman settlements. Join the team and help us unearth it.

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Free Events

Walks, talks, tours and school sessions. Come and learn more about the archaeology of East Yorkshire!

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Explore The Records

Follow the action live from the trenches, or read the in-depth reports we created with your help.

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