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If there’s a better way to unwind after a hard week at the office, we’ll eat our hats!

Dirty Weekends are two days of action-packed archaeology, led by experts on some of the UK’s most exciting sites. We’ll bring the tools, the experience and the commitment to teach you everything you want to learn – you just bring yourself, a desire to learn and have fun… And maybe some PJs!

You won’t find anything like these fanastic DV taster sessions anywhere else. In fact, we’re officially awesome – as seen in Lonely Planet! We’ve developed a bespoke curriculum that will teach you everything you need to know to be able to step confidently into the trenches alongside our archaeologists – and also teach you what mistakes never to make on an archaeological site. And most of all, you’ll get a real-life look at what happens on site after ‘Tools down’, as a part of our team for the weekend.

No previous archaeological experience is necessary. Each Dirty Weekend starts with a Friday evening rendezvous, and you’ll then have two days to excavate alongside professional archaeologists, and carry out a range of other specialist activities, each tailored to the site you’re working on.

And what’s better than getting down and dirty? Getting down and dirty with friends! Go on, you know you want to… choose the Friends with Benefits option to book yourself and a pal on our next Dirty Weekend with a 20% discount!

Accommodation and other specifics will vary from site to site, but one thing is certain: it will be a weekend you’ll never forget!


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