We can lead on development of digital tools and methods:

  • New digital workflows for archaeological fieldwork and post-excavation processes
  • Comprehensive digital communications, social media strategy and campaign implementation
  • Creative project design incorporating seamless, effective and high-impact digital outreach and participation opportunities
  • Transform existing organisational approach to digital and brief/train teams in next steps


The Digital Dig Team

Digital Dig Team

Straight from the trenches into your hands - the world’s first open digital archaeological recording and engagement app


The question of how to handle digital archive data is a hot topic in archaeology – and we’re doing something about it

Etched in Stone

Uniting all the Anglo-Saxon namestones from Lindisfarne and Hartlepool for the first time ever in an online exhibition

Barrowed Time Virtual Museum

Take a tour of the Lancaster and Morecambe hoards: the two biggest Bronze Age hoards ever found in Lancashire

Under the Uplands Virtual Museum

Join us for a journey deep inside Yorkshire's most important Ice Age cave, and see the incredible artefacts found inside

The Monk, the Midden and the Missing Monastery

Our first full-length film goes behind the scenes at Lindisfarne. What is it *really* like to be an archaeologist?