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Key Dates


DigVentures Returns To Begin A Full-Blown Excavation

Having established that archaeology has loads to add to the historical version of Shaker society, DigVentures brings a team of crowdfunders to re-open excavations at the Centre Family Wash-House.


DigVentures Does A Mini Excavation

A group of Darrow students digs with the team, to find out how much survives at one of the ruins.


Darrow School Takes Ownership Of The Land

There are 27 buildings on campus, of which the majority are original Shaker designs. In total, there would have been hundreds, and many now lie ruined below the soil.


Mother Ann Lee Dies

Her life hadn't been easy, and she was buried at the Shaker cemetery near Watervliet.


The Shakers Establish Their First Community At Mount Lebanon

They are a celibate order, and devote themselves to the ideal of 'hands to work-hearts to god'.


Ann Lee Leads The Shakers To America

Ann Lee and her converts set sail to America to escape religious persecution.

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