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Amber Mingus


  • I work in retail and I'm an anthro/archaeology student at GSU.
  • DigVentures has made it possible for newbies and students to get their hands dirty with archaeology, including myself, and I have had the best experiences so I will continue to support their efforts.
  • I think my favorite thing was how natural I felt. It affirmed my ideas about what I'd really like to do, and it just felt really good! I liked troweling and recording too, and of course finding things! The company wasn't half bad either... Blogging and drinking till I fell asleep ! Also the best part is what I've learned by being around archaeologists, and being able to ask them anything. It lets you learn so much, it makes me want to do more stuff with DV because of that. I learned how to manage my time and others while rotating the stations of washing, drying, sorting and recording in a finds room. I learned my limit of productivity and my comfortable speed at which I can be consistent with. I learned a lot about myself, and how I relate to others in a group. I learned a couple of cool things about history I didn't know, like that there was a farmhouse that was pre-Shaker era in the middle of campus. I just tried to soak everything up!

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