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Digging Darrow

Why we’re excavating the biggest Shaker village in America,
and how you can support our research

Who Were The Shakers?

Led by Mother Ann Lee, the Shakers set sail from England in 1774.

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What They Left Behind

The Shakers may have all but disappeared, but they remain a much bigger influence on modern American culture than you might think.

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Why We're Digging Here

Mount Lebanon Shaker Village was once home to 600 people. It's now inhabited by Darrow School and gives the college a very unique identity.

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The Archaeology So Far

We've already done a little bit of digging and made some early discoveries, but there's still plenty more we want to find out.

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How You Can Join The Dig And Stay Up To Date

Our crowdfunders get to dig in the trenches, see everything we find online with Digital Dig Team, and give their name to some top scientific research.

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