Archaeology isn’t just for grown-ups! This one-day DigCamp at the Poulton Project gives parents and children a very special opportunity to spend a day digging together at a site that stretches back over 10,000 years.

What’s special about a day digging at the Poulton Project?

Just three miles south of Chester, Poulton was first discovered in 1995, when archaeologists went looking for a lost Cistercian Abbey. But once they started digging, they found a whole lot more than that…

It turns out that in this small patch of field, there is evidence of human settlement going back 10,000 years, including Mesolithic flints, tools that once belonged to Neolithic and Bronze Age farmers, an Iron Age village, the leftovers of a Roman settlement and no less than 2,000 medieval bodies. . So far, archaeologists found over 50,000 artefacts, each providing vital clues about how people lived thousands of years ago. This is your chance to help them find even more!

What will we be doing?

You really do get to be an archaeologist for the day! We’ll start by exploring the site, looking for the places where Iron Age people hunted, fished and built their homes. Then, we’ll show you how to identify different artefacts, and finally… we’ll show you how to dig!

Once you’re all trained up, you’ll get to jump into the trenches alongside our professional archaeologists and help them excavate Poulton’s amazing secrets. You’ll also get to record anything you find on CyberDig – our whizzy new digital archaeology app built just for kids – so that everyone else can see what you’ve found too. In one single day, you’ll get to discover 10,000 years of human history… and have a bucket-load of fun!

Who will we be digging with?

DigCampers will be working alongside our professional archaeologists (some of whom you may have seen on Time Team or presenting the BBC’s Ancient Voices), and the world’s best archaeological dog!

What if it rains?

We understand that the British weather doesn’t always come up trumps, so if the heavens open we’ll get out of the muddy field and into the warm indoor archaeology laboratory to examine, question and record real archaeological objects from the vast collections excavated at Poulton.

The Details

Cost: £85 per parent-child team (ages 6-11), which includes tuition, coffee/tea, and all sessions. You can bring additional family members for an extra £10 each. If it’s a birthday present, drop us an email on and we’ll send you a gift certificate once we’ve processed your booking.

Meeting Point: Poulton is 3 miles from Chester. Detailed site directions can be found here, and we’ll send along further details when you book.

Lunch: Please come prepared with your own packed lunch. Poulton is a 20-minute drive from the nearest town, so remember to bring it with you!

Snacks: We will have regular tea and comfort breaks, and there will be fruit and biscuits for everyone. But if you want something else to snack on, please bring it with you.

The Schedule – Saturday 16th April

10:00        Arrival, Health and Safety talk, Risk Assessment
10:30        Site tour
11:00        Finds
12:00        Lunch (please bring a packed lunch)
13:00        Digging begins
15:00        Tea break
16:00        End of day!

Travel & Accommodation

Please note, accommodation is not included, but we have put together a great list of recommended accommodation and directions, along with a map with travel timings and suggested routes to make it easy-peasy if you want to stay nearby to break up your journey.

What else should I bring?

As well as a packed lunch, you will need warm clothing – please remember to bring layers, and extras of everything in case you need a change during the day.

  • Full set of waterproofs
  • Boots: wellies and/or study boots, plus a change of footwear
  • Backpack: to bring a change of clothes to site
  • Warm hat and gloves
  • Packed lunch
  • Plastic carrier bag: to put your muddy gear in on the way home
  • Anything else you might need for a one-day adventure!

Book now

Any questions? Send us an email on or call 0333 011 3990