Meet The Team

From the comfort of an armchair or with sleeves rolled up on site, these people made the project happen.

Anita Payne

Anne Griffith

Barbara Timms

Bridget King

Carol Tamblin

Caroline Courtney-Clack

Cheryl Manley

Chris Casswell

Christopher Chappell

Edward Caswell

Eileen Graham

Elizabeth Neal

Emily Stammitti-Campbell


Emma Wilmington

Euan Hunter

Eva Michael-White

Harriet Tatton

Huw Griffith

Indie Jago

James Cable

James Ganley

Jane Cable

Janet Wright

Janice Strowbridge

Joanne Wills

Johanna Ungemach

John Manley

John Sawle

John Thurston

Julie Gardner

Justin Vallance

Lawrence Northall

Lionel Ford

Maggie Eno

Maiya Pina-Dacier

Maiya Pina-Dacier

Margaret Thornley

Martin Eddy

Mary Knight

Mary Lennox


Mim Brigham

Molly Heartwood

Neve Heartwood

Nick Hart

Patricia Hunter

Paul Strowbridge

Peter Collins

Philip Brigham

Simon Parsons

Simon Spencer

Stephen Fletcher

Sue Little

Tamsin Michael

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