Meet the team

From the comfort of an armchair, or with sleeves rolled up on site, these people made the project happen

Alan Brannon

Alanah Kirby


Alex Ward

Alison Jepson

Alistair Mckenzie

Allan Wightman

Ann Jansson



Ben Roberts

Bridget Mallon

Carole-Ann Warburton

Charlotte Vandervalk

Chris Casswell

Chris Paul

Chris Short

Christopher Bowles

Christopher Judson

Clare Timmons

Colin Relf

Corina Vogt

Dana Bentley - DigVentures

Dana Bentley

Deborah Campbell

Diane VanDuzen

Dorothy Halfhide

Doug Hopper - DigVentures

Doug Hopper

Edward Caswell

Eli Ofenstein

Elizabeth Malcolm

Elizabeth Murray

Emily Stammitti-Campbell

Gareth Marklew

Gillian Young

Gloria Clarke

Harriet Tatton

Hilary Graham

Ian Spittlehouse

Indie Jago

Jane Rennie

Jane Samson

Jean Romanowski

Jennifer Holt

Johan du Preez

Johanna Ungemach

John Davis

Joseph Rosegrant

Julie Turner

Ken Clark

Kristine Clark

Laura Short

Linda Jacquest

Lindsey Williams

Lisa Hicks

Lois Jane Magraw

Lynn Coddington

Maggie Eno

Maiya Pina-Dacier

Maiya Pina-Dacier

Manda Forster

Margaret Coombe

Margaret Owens

Maria Rogers

Mark Dent

Mark McCutcheon

Mark Turnbull

Mary Robertson

Mary Swale

Melanie Stevens

Melissa McDonald

Michael Fenty


Morag Giblin

Najmin Nessa

Pamela Claire Horne

Paul Williams

Per Knöß

Philip Rutherford


Reighan Waldron

Richard Holmes

Richard Thomas

Roger Ferrand

Rosie Shannon

Ruth McTighe

Ruth Patterson

Sally Foot

Sally Thomas

Siobhan Paul


Sophie Scott

Stephanie Corwin

Stephen Brown

Steve Cooper

Stuart Waring

Susie Stockton-Link

Thomas Baker

Tim Richardson

Toby Jeffries

Trudie Graham

Valerie Abbott

Vivienne Dunstan

Wendy Lloyd

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