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Costa dos Castros

3,000 years of land, sea and life on Galicia’s Atlantic coast

The Coast

Costa dos Castros is a narrow strip of coast overlooking the Atlantic. It’s choc-a-bloc with archaeology, and so much more – woods, waterfalls, wild horses, fertile land, and the immense Atlantic… No wonder people have chosen to live here for thousands of years!

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The Castros

Costa dos Castros is named after the unusual high density of Iron Age hillforts or ‘castros’ that still line the coast. What were the people who built them really like? And are they related to people from other parts of Atlantic Europe, like the Celts? Archaeology at Costa dos Castros can help us find the answers.

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The Carvings

As well as hillforts, Costa dos Castros is dotted with enigmatic rock carvings which extend even further back in time into the Bronze Age, including one that captures the moment a Mediterranean boat arrived here on the Atlantic coast. Help us preserve this unique testimony of ancient seafaring!

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The Community

The unique communal ownership of land at Costa dos Castros means it’s the people who live there who decide what to do with it, and what they want to do is archaeology. Here’s why.

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Come and Get Involved

We’re digging A Cabeciña hillfort and you can join us! So far we’ve found beautiful Punic pottery, a bronze axe and several stone round houses. Come and help us unearth the clues to decipher Costa dos Castros’ past.

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