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Finds at Barrowed Time

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  • Mesolithic to early Neolithic chert microlith

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    • Probably a piece of broken chert microlight. Seems to be south east Cumbrian chert or similar.
      • Alex Whitlock
    • 9-7-2016
    • At the proximal end there is a bulb of percussion and striking platform. Bulb of percussion is quite small, so you can tell it was never a big object. The distal end is limestone cortex, so it's a secondary flake. The ventral side is quite rough at the distal end. There's an off centre dorsal ridge. Borderline primary flake, but there's working to all surfaces (including the cortex which has been worked into the fabric of the tool), making it a secondary flake.
      • Alex Whitlock
    • 9-7-2016

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  • Context: BLS_2002
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    • Sub-soil
    • Kayleigh Bates
    • 8-7-2016