The Lancaster Hoard has been called the ‘most spectacular collection of Bronze Age artefacts ever discovered in North West England’. They’re going on public display for the very first time at our Pop-Up Museum at The Storey in Lancaster.

The exhibition runs in parallel to the excavation, and visitors will be able to speak directly to the archaeologists involved.

The Lancaster Hoard is now part of our research and, while the artefacts are on display, we’ll be investigating the site where they were found. Early indications suggest it’s yet another burial mound.

This is the first chance you’ll have to see the artefacts for yourselves, and speak directly to the archaeologists involved.

Clearly, it’s not just the artefacts themselves that are spectacular, it’s what they can tell us about Bronze Age life in North West England; there hasn’t been a huge amount of archaeological evidence to go on when compared to other regions, until now.

The excavation takes place 12th – 24th September 2017 (Tuesday – Sunday only). The Lancaster Hoard will be on display 11th – 23rd September 2017 (Monday – Saturday 9:30am – 6:00pm only) at the The Storey, Lancaster. Entry is FREE.

We will also be hosting a free evening talk, including an in-depth look at the artefacts and a Q&A, at 7:00pm on Saturday 16th September. Booking is essential. Email to reserve a seat.