Scientists, archaeologists and engineers are still baffled by how Iron Age people built these ancient stone towers known as brochs. But that hasn’t stopped Dan from Brick to the Past figuring out how YOU can build one with… LEGO!

Brochs are an ancient architectural phenomenon that not many people outside of Scotland have ever heard of. These ancient, dry-stone towers are among the oldest multi-storey buildings in north west Europe, and they date all the way back to the Iron Age, and they still represent one of archaeology’s biggest mysteries; what were they for and how were they built?

In fact, their construction still baffles scientists, engineers, architects and archaeologists to such an extent that our friends at the Caithness Broch Project have embarked on a brave mission to find out. Over the next few years, they’re working up to building a full-size replica, but they’re starting small… with LEGO!

Yup, they’ve teamed up with Brick to the Past to create a wee little LEGO broch that can help schoolkids get to grips with this uniquely Scottish phenomenon. We asked them for a copy of their instructions, and you can get the part list here.

Go on, have a go! It’s made from exactly 100 pieces. If you love it, why not follow and support the Caithness Broch Project on their wonderfully ambitious mission to discover how these phenomenal towers were originally built and help them reconstruct one of their very own?


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Kenneth McElroy

Kenneth McElroy

Kenneth is chief Broch-Bragger at the Caithness Broch Project (as well as being a founder, director and chairperson). When he's not busy bragging about brochs, you can probably find him out somewhere promoting the North Highlands with the North Coast 500 instead.

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