These ‘Snackhenges’ Will Make You Want to Play With Your Food Immediately

Mini Cheddar Henge 600

And lo, we do present unto you, your new favourite pastime: the curiously addictive hobby of creating tiny edible henges out of your favourite snacks.

This week, while we were doing a bit of ‘research’ for our Dirty Weekend at Marden Henge (click here if you want to dig with us), we accidentally stumbled upon something that we just had to share with you immediately: people have been turning their favourite snacks into tiny edible henges and the results are delightful.

When it comes to finding out more about the henging ‘scene’ (oh yes, believe us, there is one), Matt Rich is definitely your man. Over the last two years, he’s made over 192 henges and posts them all on ‘This Is My Henge’. From jelly to wotsits, if you can think of it, he’s probably henged it. But that shouldn’t stop you coming up with your own creations.

We tracked him down and asked him what the key to being a good henger is. His reply? An open mind. You should never get too judgemental about someone else’s henge, or tell them that their henge has broken the rules, he told us earnestly. Likewise, never tell yourself that something is unhengeable. Having said that, Matt admits, he did fail to henge some toothpaste a few days ago.

So, what would Stonehenge’s original builders make of all this? Matt reckons they’d love it, and commission him to make something bigger and more permanent, possibly made out of toffee… Go on, give it a go. Here’s some that Matt has tried and tested to get you started…

This henge made of cheese

Cheesehenge v2 1

Difficulty rating: 1 Cheesehenge is the classic beginner’s henge (it’s the opposite of Haddockhenge which is one project that should never be attempted). Just slice up your cheese into sturdy chunks and arrange them in your favourite henge formation. Most people choose Stonehenge, but any henge is acceptable.

This henge made of strawberries

Strawberry Henge 600x390

Difficulty rating: 2 This is also a pretty easy henge, made only slightly harder by the sticky juice and prickly bits. But otherwise, you proceed just like Cheesehenge: chop it up and henge it.

This henge made of dolly mix

Allsorts Henge 2

Difficulty rating: 3 The difficulty of this henge is basically determined by how much you like or hate liquorice.

This henge made of Fig Rolls

Fig Roll Henge

Difficulty rating: 4 Figrolls are harder to henge than you might think, due to their tendency to crumble. You’ll probably need to cut the bottoms off to balance them.

This henge made of tomatoes

Tomato Henge 600x390

Difficulty rating: 5 Conversely, tomatoes are easier to henge than you might think. Just cut them in half, and make sure that they are flat on bottom. They might slide off if you’re not careful and let the juice get everywhere. Some handy kitchenroll will help.

This henge made of jelly

Jelly Henge 600x390

Difficulty rating: 6 Another fairly easy henge to make. Make your own jelly, or get some off-the-shelf, cut it up with scissors and henge it. They balance quite well and their comic wobble will keep you entertained for hours.

This henge made of cream donuts…

Creme Donut Henge 3 600x390

Difficulty rating: 7 This is definitely a very messy henge to make, and probably one of the hardest to resist eating as you go. You’ll have to cut the bottoms so that the donuts will stand up, then balance them and pray that the others don’t fall over before you’ve finished… splathenge is not what we were aiming for.

This henge made of Coco Pops

Coco Pops Henge 2 600x390

Difficulty rating: 8 This is a very fiddly henge to make, and requires some delicate work. To balance the upright coco pops, you’ll have to shave or cut the bottoms off to make them flat, without accidentally turning them to dust. Their tiny size is a big problem. Tweezers will come in handy.

This henge made of custard cremes

Custard Creme Henge 5 600x390

Difficulty rating: 9 Sort of easy, but the difficult bit is not accidentally turning it into a dominoes run. Keep the area free of cats, children and the kind of ‘friend’ who thinks it would be funny to knock one of your standing cremes over.

This henge made of Mini Cheddars

Mini Cheddar Henge

Difficulty rating: 10 Obviously the challenge with this one is making sure the trilliths don’t roll away. If your gods are the fussy sort, you can add a bit of cream cheese on top to turn it into canapé henge.

This henge made while the shopkeeper wasn’t looking

Whiskey Henge 1 600x390

Difficulty rating: 11 For the more spirited hengers among, this one is advanced. Not to be encouraged.

This henge made of peanuts

Peanut Henge 2

Difficulty rating: 12 Another challenging one. You’ll need a very sharp knife to cut the bottoms off, and to split the peanuts in half before you can balance them. There, you’ve got the hang (henge) of this haven’t you?

And finally… this henge made of toothpaste

Toothpaste Henge 600

Difficulty rating: 13 This one’s off-the-scale-difficult. If you succeed, we’d love to see.

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