STUDENTS! How To Sneak In A Bit Of Extra Fieldwork This April


As someone once famously said: if you want to be a good archaeologist, you have to get out of the library… This April, we can help you make it happen!

A proper understanding of how to recover evidence in the field is pretty much essential for anyone who wants a career that involves interpreting the archaeological record. Even if your ‘dream job’ isn’t one that involves fieldwork, nothing can replace a bit of firsthand experience.  Universities do provide excavation opportunities, but those opportunities can still be remarkably hard to come by.

We often hear from ambitious young archaeologists–to-be, who are trying to forge a career for themselves but simply ‘can’t get the experience’ to get a foot in the door. That’s why we’re inviting five students to join us in the field this April!

What experience will DigVentures provide?

We’ve created five ‘Pay it Forward’ scholarships to give students the opportunity to join us on our next Dirty Weekend (which takes place at the Poulton Research Project 15th-17th April 2016), and help them on the way towards getting the experience they need to pursue a career in archaeology.

Poulton is an incredible multi-period site and its archaeology spans 10,000 years, with finds ranging from tools left by Mesolithic hunters to the remains of medieval Christians and everything in between, including an enormous Iron Age settlement, and a high-status Roman farmstead.

As well as excavating features from a range of different periods –  a great way to try a huge variety of archaeology in a very short period- students will also get to see firsthand how DV works with the public, and try out our digital recording system.

Our Projects Director, Brendon Wilkins, has over 20 years of experience directing large, complex excavations in advance of major construction projects, and has worked for several of the EU’s largest archaeological businesses. He’ll be with the team at Poulton, providing guidance and help for everyone in understanding best practice and acquiring top-notch field skills.

How do I apply?!

We’re offering five archaeology students the opportunity to join us on site for our Dirty Weekend on the fantastic multi-period Poulton Project site this April. All tuition and instruction will be covered by the scholarship, but travel, accommodation and board are excluded.

If you are an archaeology student, all you have to do is get one of your university tutors to nominate you. All they have to do is send us an email to explaining – in 250 words or less – why they think you would benefit from the experience. Please remember, we WON’T accept a nomination that comes directly from you – it MUST come from your tutor. If you want to snap up one of the five places, ask them to nominate you by the 5th April!

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Written by DigVentures

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