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Yesterday we joined Chris Webster, Doug Rocks McQueen and Russell Alleen-Williams for a very special episode of the CRM podcast. In the show, we tackle one of the biggest questions facing archaeology and heritage projects around the world head on: funding.

Let’s face it, we all need funding and archaeologists are increasingly turning to crowdfunding. Along with Chris, Doug and Russell, we give our perspective on this growing phenomenon and answer some pretty tricky questions to boot:

What gets us out of bed in the morning? What is crowdfunding? How is crowdfunding changing the sector? Which projects is it right for? What’s the key to a successful crowdfunding campaign? Does it compromise or complement other funding models? How does crowdfunding change the way we run archaeology projects? Is it just about the money? Can crowdfunding archaeology help with engagement? And, ultimately, is crowdfunding worth it?

Crowdfunding gives us a new way to dig holes and get heritage projects done. But it is oh-so-very different to running a Kickstarter campaign for some cool and nifty widget, gritty indie documentary or the latest trendy mobile burger bar. For the perks and pitfalls of what it means to crowdfund archaeology, you can’t get more insightful than this…

This is the sixth in Doug’s series on crowdfunding archaeology. For more on crowdfunding archaeology, check out Post 1- Thomas’ numbers, Post 2-presentations from DigVentures, Post 3- the money of crowdfunding, Part 4- was on users and do platforms attract them, Part 5- are platforms worth it.

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