The Fort Parker Project: Preserving a Nation’s Memory

Fort Parker 2013

We are very pleased to announce our first featured project on the DigVentures Digstarter crowdfunding platform!

Please join us in saying a huge hello to the ‘Fort Parker Project: Preserving a Nation’s Memory’ team, coming to us all the way from Montana, USA…

We have been looking forward to introducing this project for MONTHS – and you know how much Lisa hates keeping secrets! We’ve received so many fantastic proposals from projects across the globe to be featured on the platform, we had a really tough time choosing who to profile first. But we were so impressed with this campaign and this team, we just couldn’t resist.

Crow Chiefs Fort Parker

Crow Nation chiefs, Fort Parker, c. 1800s

The story of the Native American Crow Indian tribe is linked with the explosive westward growth of the United States in the 19th century. These fierce, nomadic people were forced to change their entire way of life with the arrival of European settlers to their ancestral land. The Fort Parker site in Montana is the site of the first Crow Indian Agency, established in 1869 to help the Crow as they negotiated the transition from a traditional hunter-gatherer society to the lifestyle of the encroaching modern world.

But it wasn’t a successful effort, and many Crow lived and died at Fort Parker without ever having regained their foothold on the land. The site echoes with the memory of their struggles, and is still revered by the Crow today as a place of great significance to their tribe.

The Archaeological Conservancy, the only national non-profit organization established to acquire and preserve America’s most important archaeological sites, has partnered with the Crow Nation to protect this site from encroaching development. Without their help, Fort Parker will be lost forever.

What’s that, you said? A sacred landscape with development threatening its borders? No time to lose to protect it before it’s gone forever? Sounds familiar to us! And that’s why DigVentures has chosen the Archaeological Conservancy and the Crow Nation as our first featured project. Archaeological Conservancy

Not only is the campaign right up our street, they are also offering fantastic benefits for their supporters. Fancy an issue of American Archaeology, a tee shirt, a guided tour of Fort Parker, or membership in the exclusive Anasazi Circle? It’s all on offer in exchange for your help. And just like our projects, you can be a part of this campaign for just £10. Every little helps!

We hope you will join us in supporting theFort Parker: Preserving a Nation’s Memory’ project. We’re so proud to be a part of it, and we’d love to bring some of our Venturer magic from across the globe to help them make their goal. So please – spread the news. Share the campaign with everyone you know who might be interested…the clock’s ticking!

Click here for more information and to support the project!

And stay tuned….perhaps the future may hold a DigVentures excavation in Montana…

Archaeological Conservancy - Indian Village, Crow Reservation 1881

Indian Village, Crow Reservation 1881

Fort Parker ruins

The ruins of Fort Parker, c. 1800s


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