Friday Feeling!

Only three days left to finish our trenches and we are still finding amazing artefacts!

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It’s Day Twelve, it’s Friday and we only have a few days left to find out exactly what is happening in all our trenches!

Trench Three has had lots of work done on it  and we have found a ditch similar to that in Trench One. Do they connect or show signs of similar activity happening in that field? We still need to find out.

The moat ditch has been planned and finished off – even though we haven’t found the bottom of the moat. The moat was too big and disappeared underneath a public footpath – so we couldn’t extend it without a lot more time and heavy machinery. We have, however, found a great piece of preserved, cut wood, which shows us that we are right and we have definitely not found the natural soil yet.

The Car Park Trench is in it’s final stages of planning and drawing and cleaning back. We have managed to date our circular feature in the Car Park to roughly the nineteenth century and we think it was used for some kind of farming activity.

Down at the other end of the site in Trench Seven, we have found some beautiful pieces of medieval stained glass as well as an animal skeleton that needs careful excavation!

We have Mary-Ann and her lovely dog Harpo visiting us at the moment. Mary-Ann is working amazingly hard in our trenches and Harpo is the new Trench mascot – watch out Fergus there is another Site Dog around!!

In the evening everyone gathered in the Wattle & Daub pub for our Friday evening Quiz Night with questions from Nigel Jeffries! As ever – there was some debate as to the right answers, but a lot of beer was drunk and everyone had a great time… roll on the end of site party tomorrow!

What will we discover on our final Dirty Weekend here at Leiston Abbey? Stay tuned to find out!


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