Leiston – Season 1 – Day 6

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It’s a weekend full of activities for us here at Leiston Abbey – visitors are flocking for site tours and new Venturers are coming for our Dirty Weekend! not only that but a new find in Trench One has got Raksha very excited! 

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Today is day six of our Saints & Secrets project and Leiston Abbey – it is also the saturday of our Dirty Weekend. So we have lots of new and eager Venturers joining us, ready to get their hands dirty in the trenches. This weekend is also a hive of activity on site, as we have family activities running today and tomorrow including finds stalls from Suffolk Field Archaeology group and Wendy the Mudlark, official tours of the site, lots of music playing, cream teas in the sunshine and of course – the bouncy castle!! Leiston Abbey is definitely the place to be this weekend!

All our Venturers are still busy in the trenches and today we have come across a very exciting find! Suzanne, a new Venturer who joined us this morning was digging for about thirty minutes in Trench One when she came across a lovely piece of medieval pottery. How exciting! The Venturers are also sieving to see what they can find. Lots of pieces of worked flint are turning up – but now we have medieval pottery and flint in the same trench. What does this mean? Has the flint layer been left in situ or has it been reused and dug through before? We will have to keep looking to find out more!!

Kerry’s trench is coming along nicely, with the boys working hard with the mattocks to clear the first layer. Exhausting work in such hot sunshine! Drink lots of water boys!

In our car park trench, we are still looking for the circular feature we saw on the geofizz. No sign as of yet, but we are coming across lots of lovely rubble and brickwork.

In the evening we had a great DVIP lecture from James Doeser about Bad Archaeology involving throwing raspberries at pieces of paper and using dowsing rods (The video for the lecture will be uploaded soon onto our YouTube channel). And then our evening was filled with playing on the bouncy castle! A pretty fun day on site!

Stay tuned for more updates from the trenches and news about life on site.

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