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It’s a weekend full of activities for us here at Leiston Abbey – visitors are flocking for site tours and new Venturers are coming for our Dirty Weekend! not only that but a new find in Trench One has got Raksha very excited! 

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Day seven of Saints & Secrets – the sun shone and Leiston Abbey was full of visitors! It was the second day of our family weekend today, so we have had lots of people come to see what is coming out of the trenches, as well bounce on the bouncy castle and eat ice cream in the sunshine! We have also had some special visitors today – competition winners from the Young Archaeologist Club (YAC)! Their prize was to come to site and see how a real archaeological dig works and well as get involved asking all our Venturers questions about the archaeology of Leiston Abbey and even have a go sieving for finds! They did a great job and are definitely a bunch of great archaeologists in the making!!

Today we started digging on Trench Seven, at the South side of the Abbey,  which is an exciting trench for us because it showed up some interesting features on the geophysics. We have some finds already which are telling us a lot about this part of the Abbey. Some liquified glass, found during dry sieving, is evidence of burning in this part of the site. We also have found pieces of broken up mortar and flint, which is suggesting the demolition of this building and possibly others as well.  Our car park trench is coming along nicely! We have finished cleaning back the area to see the features, it has been planned and half sectioned to see which features lie on top of each other. And we have been finding lots of CBM and pottery in this trench.  The Trench One crew have been finding even more pieces of medieval pottery and are still very excited about it!  Kerry’s moat trench is still being dug, we are yet to get to the bottom of the moat – something to look forward to next week!

It is the end of week one of Saints & Secrets but we still have another whole week here at Leiston Abbey to look forward to!! Check back in on Tuesday for more updates from site!

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