Day4BLOGpicMore trenches… more fun!

Day four at Leiston Abbey and we are busy opening up more trenches on site.

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Today we got to work opening up three more tenches on site! We used the geophysics results from the weekend to target these trenches where we think there might be some very interesting archaeology. One trench has been opened on the south side of the Abbey itself, where we think there may be a building or structure that possibly pre-dates the Abbey.  Another trench is going in to see if we can catch a possible moat running around the site. And the the third trench has been put in at the North end of the car park where we are investigating a lovely looking circular feature – or a dead monarch if it turns up – it’s all about digging in car parks these days!

Back in Trench One, our Venturers got to work using the planning skills they learnt yesterday to draw all the contexts in the trench – and beautiful drawings they were too! After lunch they half sectioned the features and started to dig into some possible post holes, ditches and contexts.

We also have a very exciting visitor to site today- the lovely Mickey B, who was with us last year at Flag Fen! He is helping us with environmental sampling, teaching the Venturers the joys of the floatation tank and getting them very dirty wet sieving! In the afternoon the fill from our ditch at Trench One was put through the wet sieve – only to find some prehistoric worked flint! This is an amazing find, as it turns all our theories about this area on it’s head. We haven’t found any of the usual finds we would expect to on a medieval site… so we will have to see tomorrow what the rest of the trench brings!

In the evening we welcomed our very first DVIP lecturer, David Gill, who came to talk to us about looting of antiquities and whether anyone can really own the past. We will be uploading his talk up onto our YouTube channel soon so you all can join in the conversation and tell us what your views are on the topics we discussed.

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