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We began our dig at Leiston Abbey with a whole Dirty Weekend of geophysics. 

Arriving at Leiston Abbey on the Friday night, in the pouring rain, we wondered where the weekend would take us. Would we be hit by torrential Suffolk rain over the next two days? Would we be able to complete all the surveys we needed in time for when our Venturer diggers arrived on Tuesday morning? The rest of the two week dig depended on this crucial first weekend of geophysics… so the stakes were high. Amazingly, we awoke the next day to brilliant sunshine and a cloud-free sky. What luck! And the weather stayed hot and sunny for the rest of the weekend, which obviously meant the archaeology gods are blessing the project.

Ben and Hugh get to grips with Geophysics

Ben and Hugh get to grips with Geophysics

The DigVentures team were joined for the weekend by the geophysics experts, Emma, Jimmy and Mike, as well as Venturers keen to learn all about the what really goes into preparing for an excavation, how geophysics works and how the results affect the trench layout on site.

Starting early on the Saturday, we identified the areas where we needed to take surveys, which were; the North West field of the site, the South side of the Abbey, the North car park and the campsite. This gives us a really good overview of the whole site. The team worked systematically around the site over the two days with the resistance meter, the ground penetrating radar (GPR) and the magnetometer.

Emily finds Jimmy's disco ball!

Emily finds Jimmy’s disco ball!

We got some mixed results from the geofizz, some really interesting things we took note of and used to map our trenches in those areas. Some areas came up with no results on the geofizz at all! But as Emma says… “Sometimes you just have to dig it!”.

And it wasn’t all work… we had some time off from fizzing to test out the local fish and chip shop at Dunwich, watch the sunsets on the beach and party with Jimmy’s disco ball. After all – geofizz is definitely for party people!

What will we find when we start digging? Will it match up with the geofizz? Stay tuned to find out what happens!

Watch the Geofizz Dirty Weekend Video here

See the pictures from the weekend on here

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Written by Polly Heffer

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