Lisa and Brendon are digging America!

Whilst visiting upstate New York, DigVentures’ own Lisa and Brendon have also been helping excavate at the Myers property, an historic Underground Railroad site. An article from timesunion.com has covered the story:

“On Saturday, May 25th from 1-4 pm, the Young Abolitionists, local teen scholars involved with the Underground Railroad History Project, will be working with DigVentures, a group from the United Kingdom, and Hartgen Archeological Associates doing some limited digging next to the Myers property at 196 Livingston Avenue in Albany.

Corey McQuinn at Hartgen explains that it is a “happy accident.” The DigVenture folks had come to the area to visit the Darrow School in New Lebanon, NY to check out the nationally historic Shaker artefacts. They will be checking out other historic Shaker sites in the area as well. When they heard about the home of Stephen and Harriet Myers residence, a historic Underground Railroad site, they decided to check it out. Some digging had taken place in the past at that location, but there are new technologies that can be shared. They will be primarily looking for articles from the 1840s through the 1860s.

The Young Abolitionists are high school students who are interested in social justice and history. They have volunteered at the Myers site, and have participated in historical re-enactments.

If people want to drop by to learn more, Corey, who is also in the board of the UGRR, is always willing to answer questions.”


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