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Polly digs

Welcome to our new blog series called ‘Polly digs…’ , in which we chart the highs and lows of DigVentures’ own social media and community intern on her mission to find a job in archaeology!

Hi there! My name is Polly, and I am DigVentures’ communities and social media intern. I’m currently wading through archaeological career paths with Joe Flatman’s book Becoming an Archaeologist as my bible! I intend to keep track of all the experiences I’m going to face looking for life after university here in the Site Hut. Wish me luck!

April 2013: the stats

Paid jobs applied for October 2012 – January 2013: Roughly 30 / Interviews for paid job applications: 0 

Voluntary jobs applied for: 2 / Interviews for voluntary jobs: 0

Internships applied for: 8 / Interviews for internships: 3 / Internships got: 1 (DigVentures!)

A little background on me… I studied archaeology at the University of Exeter and graduated in 2010, followed by a Masters in forensic archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology at UCL. I decided to do an MSc because I was interested in osteology, funerary archaeology and the blend between the humanities and sciences. As well as that, there was a point where I was wondering whether I could actually work as a forensic archaeologist – I even trained to become a special constable with the police. After going out on the streets, however, I realised that was not the job for me, and without doing a PhD, I probably wouldn’t be able to work as a forensic archaeologist.

Despite this, I don’t regret the choice to study it at all; I loved my studies even if it wasn’t vocational. It was invaluable experience at that stage of my life. After spending a lot of my efforts training and volunteering to go into this field, I realised that what I actually loved most about my studies was the archaeology, the stories it told and the people I got to meet through doing it.

So, working in retail, devoting all my spare time to researching archaeological jobs in all areas, joining as many facebook groups and keeping up to date on archaeological news via twitter, I soon discovered something else I enjoyed…social media!

Quite a few of my friends are ‘in’ social media (it comes with living in London I guess), some of them actually in the heritage industry. So I thought, even if I am getting rejected for jobs, I can still keep in touch with all goings on through this. It was this attitude that lead me to the two major things in my life right now. Firstly, DigVentures, and secondly, a historical blog-turned-website which my friends and I decided to start for which I am in charge of the community and social media side of things.

For me, DigVentures means getting to meet a lot of cool new people, interacting directly with the archaeology community and learning heaps! And not just learning social media skills, but also learning about the views and opinions of archaeologists, how the system works, and how diversely people work within it. The team are all so supportive and sometimes pretty funny too, which helps. It has also meant I have a load more skills which I can put towards my own projects.

This week also marks the start of my volunteering at a small museum, which is another path I would like to explore and see more of. I will be blogging about this kind of work in the future, so stay tuned for that.

Follow Polly on twitter: @ArchPolly

Are you going through the same thing? Or, do you remember the days when this was you? Get in touch with Polly  and share your experiences, send encouragement and suggestions, and of course – job opportunities…

Comments are open at the bottom of the post, or you can send her a message

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