One of the reconstructed Bronze Age rundhouses at Flag Fen. A great place for  telling ghost stories...

In which we are visited by all sorts of experts, including Johnny Cucumbers…

It was another action-packed day here at Flaggers!

We’ve got plenty on offer including a round-up on the test pits, feedback on finds from a pottery specialist and a zooarchaeologist, and a visit from GoPro specialist Johnny Cucumbers to introduce the ultimate in cool: CamCam. Don’t miss!


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Lisa Westcott Wilkins

Lisa Westcott Wilkins

Co-founder and Managing Director of DigVentures, Lisa makes sure the boxes are ticked, the diggers run on time, and that everyone has a *really* good time along the way. She is responsible for the Americanisms, ridiculously strong site coffee and early morning DV dance parties.

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