This week’s Venturer is archaeology enthusiast and all-round polymath Joan Sutherland who will be joining us at Flag Fen thanks to a present from her daughter Jennie.

“My name is Joan and I have been lucky enough to have been given a weekend on the dig as a birthday present by my family. It seems a novel way of raising funds and an excellent way of including people who wouldn’t normally get a chance to do something like this. I am a scientist, in my early 50s and recently started a new job at Loughborough University. I am interested in many things; walking, photography, wildlife, geology, archaeology and being outdoors in general. I am looking forward to joining the dig for a weekend and learning more about Flag Fen which I first heard about many years ago. I was also given a book about the site as part of my present, so will enjoy reading that before I get there. I am hoping for sunny weather (or at least no rain) as I will be joining in the fun by camping onsite.”

Looking forward to meeting you Joan – we’ll see what we can do about that rain!

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