All good stories, or so they used to say at school, should have a beginning, middle and an end.

If you’ve stuck with us this far – followed our journey through the highs and lows of crowdfunding – then this probably feels more like the middle than the beginning. But as the team woke up this morning, and the diggers assembled on site, the single moment we’d been planning for had finally arrived: our first chance to place a spade in the ground!

See what happened below, and if you want to see longer videos of the day’s activities and interviews with the archaeologists, you can join our site hut here… or if you want to come and dig with us for a day, sign up here….

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DigVentures crowdfunds archaeological projects that everyone can be part of, in the UK and overseas. With help from people all over the world, we investigate the past and publish our discoveries online for free. Support one of our digs and you can choose to watch our discoveries as they happen, or roll up your sleeves and excavate alongside our team!

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