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Researching Roman Southwell

Get involved in Researching Roman Southwell – and be a part of uncovering Nottinghamshire’s exciting Roman past!

Are you interested in local archaeology? Would you like to know more about Southwell’s Roman past? Or would you fancy being involved yourself? Join the Researching Roman Southwell project!


We need to raise £4,500 to make this incredible project happen and we need your support. The countdown to Roman Southwell has begun!

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Jackson Studios Revisited

Jackson Studios is the birthplace of many iconic British sounds, and we want to bring it back to life!

Jackson Studios Revisited is your chance to claim a place in recreating a unique slice of British music history. Join us and share the excitement of recreating an iconic recording studio!


We need to raise £7,000 to make this incredible project happen and we need your support. The countdown has begun!

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What We Do

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Bespoke archaeology projects with a focus on digital engagement, connected communities and sustainability
DigVentures Trowel


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DigVentures Trowel


Have you always wanted to try archaeology, or are you looking for more experience to grow your skills? Join our digs!


Just for kids! Exceptional archaeological activities to stretch the limits of their imagination. And an Adult Creche too...

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What our Venturers say

I had a brilliant time with DigVentures. My experience has inspired me to become a volunteer at Fishbourne Roman Palace and with a local archaeological society. I'll be back with DV in 2013! - Hugh Fiske, Sussex
I flew over from Australia for all three weeks of the DV 2012 dig. I learned so much - and I would have never had an opportunity like that in Oz. DigVentures is such a great way to be a part of making archaeology happen, as well as learning for yourself. I can totally recommend the DV team as great teachers and fun people (and they love cake!) - Louise Glasson, Australia
Louise Glasson
Great team, and the best place to learn and enjoy archaeology. I'll definitely be back next year!
John Cooper
I have no archaeological skills or knowledge, but within my first hour I was in the trench with professionals, making genuine archaeological discoveries. I went home proud and ecstatic. There is little in life that amateurs can usefully do alongside the experts, but DigVentures has made archaeology one of those rare experiences where we can not only join in, but make a contribution.
Stewart Ferris